Amici Series: Giovanni Napoli

Meet Giovanni.  In 2014 while visiting Palermo, Claudio and I met some friends for a drink in this crazy piazza full of hipsters, artists, and everything in between.  The night ran long with laugher and even though I struggled through maintaining my Italian, everyone was having a great time and enjoying the company.

Giovanni shared one of his favorite vacation photos from this summer.  He said,”I love this photo of me and my sister, Daniela. She is pregnant and we are looking forward to meeting baby Martina. I am totally in love with this place”.

Scopello, Sicily- August 2016

While I haven’t seen him since the summer we met, we maintain contact via social media. He helps us spread the #perchenovacanza philosophy by enjoying life and living it loudly. Meeting people like Giovanni is a prime example of why the beauty of saying “yes” is worth every sleepless nights, early morning, and endless stories.

Thank you for sharing, Giovanni.  Ci vediamo presto, amico.





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