The Playlist: a Musical Journey in 3 Acts

Music is my thing, my bag, my jam.  I’m always listening and looking for new artists, vintage-cassette-taperediscovering old songs, and sharing my favorite songs with friends.  Music is how I communicate and whether it’s without lyrics or an 80’s rock ballad, there is nothing like a good song. It’s my wine.  So naturally when I travel or plan a big adventure, the first place I start is the Playlist.  Now, I’m not as uncomfortable with awkward silence or heart felt conversations like Jack Nicholson’s Melvin Udall on his road trip in  As Good as it Gets, I just like a good collection of music playing on a non stop loop, helping my daydream manifest.  Usually every time I travel there tends to be one or two songs which become the theme or anthem of the vacation and, of course, there are those songs that are just too damn good to not include; songs for the background as me and my friends listen while we sit on a beach or people watch and star gaze. We rarely start any journey, amazing day, night out, or discovery without the perfect song.  It’s just kinda become a thing we do.

The Introduction   (“Intro” by the XX’s)

You’re excited and anxious to get your adventure started.  The possibility of that one self discovery lingers in the air and you can feel it coming.  Something is going to change you. Forever.  The great mystery of not knowing what will happen tingles your skin. This is going to be fun.

Act I – The Arrival  (“Ghostwriter” by RJD2)

Jet lag doesn’t matter.  You’ve reached your destination, had a huge hugging reunion with your friends, and this holiday has officially begun.  The sun is shining and no phones are ringing, demanding your attention and time.  Nope.  You are at the start of this amazing journey and nothing shakes your nerves.  This is the sweet life and for the next few hours everything is just…chill.

So, you take a drive.  A sunny, windows down, laughing together drive. And it’s simply perfect (Magnifique” by Ratatat)

You spend the rest of the day on the beach being present in the moment because there nothing to worry your mind. Nothing to do but…

Just. (“Is This Love” by Bob Marley”)

Chill. (“Star Eyes” by Flume”)

Out. (“Summertime” UFO Mix by Verve Remixed)

When the evening arrives you’re settled in to your holiday and it’s time for your first night out. While this may be low key, as you find yourself still a bit tired from the flight, there’s a lot of magic happening on the first night.  You’re ready to see this place somewhere between twilight and nightfall as the sun is going down and the moon is making it evening debut.  Relaxed and happy, you are enchanted and this has been the perfect day. (“Fly Me to the Moon” by Bobby Womack).


Act II – The Happening (“Should I Stay or Should I Go” by The Clash)

It’s time for the first of many big adventures on this trip.  You may have scheduled something, or just played it by ear and taken off to some remote destination, but this is going to be huge.

On the way, you take in every moment and sensation because this is what you came here for and this feels like living(“Wow” by Beck)

So, you meet up with more friends and continue spending long days that turn into long evenings and endless nights.  Feeling feral and free, you dance and shout, reachingyour arms up, smiling ferociously and at last, unchained.  (Shake it Out” by Florence and the Machine”).

Now, nothing can beat the artistry of the creeping sun coming up after he longest night yoI’ve ever enjoyed. You’ve spent the last few days climbing up active volcanos, hiking in the mountains, and laughing until you thought you’d die. And something in your core has changed. You feel lighter, happier, freer. Mission accomplished. This is what you hoped for. (A New Error” by Moderat).


Act III – The Reflection (“These Are the Days” by Van Morrison)

It’s nearing the end of your vacation and you’re tired, sunburned, and feeling a bit more tame as you enter a moment of quiet reflection.  The things you’ve seen and the precious time you’ve spent with your people are impossible to describe because they seem unreal even to you. And, with only a few fleeting hours left, you know its time to look over their faces and make a record of each cracked smile and a titled head, because you’ll need these memories when life turns to the mundane once again.  So, you take a bit longer on the evening walk because these are the last few hours with your friends, your family. (“Home” by Edward Sharp and the Magnetic Zeroes”)

And, when you depart, regardless of any sadness and tearful goodbyes, you know that this was the biggest adventure yet. Once you’ve found your seat on the plane, you play the whole thing back in a flash; recalling moments of sheer joy and bliss.  The excitement, the adventure, the stillness, and even the heartache of the farewell are all a part of this story.  Finally, you smile – ear-to-ear, face stretched like a canvas. Because…That. Was. Awesome.

The End. (“Praise You” by Fatboy Slim)









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