Unwind and Discover the Beaty of the Bath – QC Terme Roma Resort and Spa

Located Fiumicino, just on the outskirts of Rome, is the QC Terme Roma luxury resort and spa.  From the moment you begin the walk from parking to the front entrance, the pebble

Photo from http://www.cqtermeroma.it

lined path and dipping trees prepare the senses for a truly relaxing and restorative venture. Once you are inside the resort reception, ambient music and earthy scents welcome you, creating a balance of ancient tradition and modern sophistication. And, once you’ve changed and made your way to the wellness course, a long, marble-esque path takes you to the first waterfall. The water has a perfect temperature for a baptism into an ancient tradition of Roman baths.  Being a somewhat timid American, I was a bit hesitant to fully commit to the idea of letting go so quickly and enjoying total relaxation, but the moment I felt the water on my skin, any

Photo from http://www.romeing.it

trepidations I had left my spirit as I allowed myself to submit to culture of luxury in a matter of seconds.

Making my way through the wellness course, I stopped at baths and whirlpools, heated at varying levels, all meant to relax the body and calm the spirit while being surrounded by nature and other visitors; all seemingly present with the same intention and without cell phones in hand.  The resort is quiet with only a slight hum from various sources such as soft conversations and bubbling baths.  While visitors move about, the general mood is very positive with a genuine concern for tranquility.

In a tent, just past the wellness course, you will find an offering of light fare and various wines positioned far enough away from the baths, as not to interrupt anyone with the clinking of glasses or forks to plates.  You will enjoy aperitivo in a dimly lit area surrounded by beautiful trees and lush grass, seated at a sofa with friends.  Again, everything designed and imagined to make your time as cozy and valuable as possible.

While there are plenty of baths offered, inside and outdoors, there are other features to explore at QC Terme Roma.  A path around the ground allows you to take a quiet walk and enjoy the beautiful Roman Cypress which line the park.  You can also relax in one of the saunas a steam rooms to detox and purify your skin and mind.  Also, several massage packages are offered if you are seeking to obtain a specific goal with a facial treatment, or indulge in  couple’s massage with your sweetheart.  QC Terme Roma is a complete relaxation expierence and can fit within your budget depending on when you visit and what you are seeking.  The price for a day visit, which includes all of the baths, whirlpools, saunas and aperitivo start at 38€.  Other offers and rates are available online and can help you plan your visit.

Photo from http://www.qctermeroma.it

After a few rounds of the baths, I found myself satisfied and calm, snuggled in my spa-issued robe feeling refreshed and a bit sleepy.  I made my way to a reclining chair to moon gaze a bit with some friends and take a moment to reflect on the overall expierence.  While I hadn’t intended on visiting a spa, I was invited to come along as a birthday celebration.  While looking up at the beautiful night sky, I was grateful this stop happened on my loose itinerary.  The entire afternoon and evening was quiet and perfect, leaving me feeling peaceful and still.  I do plan on visiting QC Terme Roma again and highly recommend it as an authentic Roman experience.  And, if you aren’t convinced yet, check out their philosophy on self-care.  

Why not indulge?  Why not relax?  Why not feel restored?  Why not? #perchenovancanza






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