Living the #perchenovacanza Philosphy

Since 2014, the hashtag #perchenovacanza has made its way across social media in Italy and the U.S. It is a simple philosophy born from a single moment in Rome. One morning I was feeling the jetlag and struggling to keep my eyes open, but wanting to push through and enjoy this holiday. My friend Ferdi, seeing my tired, droopy eyes, asked if I’d like a coffee.  Desperately wanting to keep up and stay alive, I responded, “Per ché no? Vacanza!” which means, “Why not? Vacation!” Delighted, Ferdi smiled and responded back, “Per ché no! Vacanaza” and we laughed over an espresso, looking out at the beauty of Rome.  In a short matter of time that saying had become commonplace within my circle of friends and when I arrived again in August #perchenovacanza had turned into a way of thinking; to live in the moment and always say, “yes”.

Later that summer when I returned for a second trip,14950_10152355441444649_910158668331054841_n Claudio and I traveled to the Amalfi coast and then on to Sicily where we visited friends in Catania and Palermo.  Any time we were offered wine, food, or adventure we responded with #perchenovacanza.  And it never failed!  The reply was always an echo back, “Per ché no? Vacanaza!”, followed by genuine smiles and, usually, a toast.  We quickly realized this silly saying and hashtag was going to stick around and subsequently it became the calling card for any time C and C were spotted together.  Both of our social medias erupted with photos, posts, and tags, all #perchenovacanza. From Italy to the U.S. this simple philosophy was spreading and attached to smiling faces, reunions, and moments of enjoying life to its fullest. IMG-20140822-WA0006.jpg

I’m happy that in two years it hasn’t died and instead has gained steam and continued to spread. Because in a mad world, this kind mindset and joy is global currency and worth sharing. And for me, as a side effect, keeping these moments close to my heart gives me so much to reflect on when the reality of life happens in the day-to-day grind.

When I announced my plans for my latest trip earlier this summer, I was answered back on social media from loads of beautiful Italians with, #perchenovacanza.

The philosophy is simple.

1. Live in the moment.

2. Be present.

3. Smile and enjoy every second of this beautiful life.

4. Remember this. Don’t ever forget it.

And finally…

5. Say “yes”.  And always #perchenovacanza.






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